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For Students

Masked Hoodlums

Members waiting in the build pit with bandanas from Autodesk.

Team 3322 is a place for students to learn how to work together professionally, effectively, and graciously. We are open to anyone who is wanting or willing to join, new students or mentors! There are no requirements, although prior knowledge or experience would give more opportunities for skill development. Or, if you want to learn brand new skills, we can teach you on the job.

Interested in getting involved with Team 3322, or even just with FIRST? Sign up now.

For Sponsors

Our 2011 robot

Our 2011 robot deploys a minibot onto a deployment pole

Team 3322 can always use the help of another sponsor. Not only are we a non-profit, you are helping a group of high school students learn the fundamentals of engineering, programming, business structure, responsibility, and gracious professionalism. Plus, you will be listed with our sponsors on our robot, on our website, and on the backs of our t-shirts. Get the word out about your business and help us — contact us.