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Modules are Starting Up!

Modules are Starting Up!

Our Skyline Robotics Modules have begun!

From 6:30-8:00 Our Mechanical design, Business, and Programming modules meet on Tuesday and Mechanical design, Business, Electrical, and Fabrication meet on Thursdays. Students are encouraged to come to these meetings and get a sense for what part of Robotics they’re interested in.

Here’s what you can look to see from each Module.

Programming Module

The Programming module is focused on learning Java, git, gradle and the wpilib Java library provided by FIRST. There are a few programming languages available and 3322 has picked Java as the language for the team. Git is a version control system to keep track of software changes and allow for multiple people to work on the software. Gradle is a build system supported by FIRST. It can perform the steps to compile the Java and deploy it to the robot. We also will be working with test benches consisting of the robot computer, power distribution module and a motor. We will be using these test benches to learn about the wpilib Java library provided by FIRST to control the robot hardware. We will also be exploring different sensors and how they work with hardware and software.

Electrical Module

Students learn the basics of electricity, followed by a crash course in how an FRC robot works.  Next, they learn about the many electrical and pneumatic parts that make the robot work. The students learn proper techniques for building electrical projects, and the tools necessary to test their creations.  By the end, we have a team ready to build a reliable robot!


Business Module

In the Business Module, we are about digital marketing and design. Throughout the season we work on scripting and shooting a chairman’s video which will be presented to judges during the competition, along with other tasks such as designing a logo, posters, and website upkeep.

Reaching out to younger generations is important! Through outreach, we will be visiting the Neutral Zone and different schools around Ann Arbor so we can expand the number of people who get involved in robotics, and raise excitement engineering.

More information coming soon.