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Adult Registration

Adult Registration Steps for Team 3322: 2019-20

You can check your forms status at Adult Forms Status.  This is updated manually by your dedicated volunteers each week, so it won’t show forms you just submitted.  The steps are explained below.

Step 1: Email List Sign-Up

Sign up for the email list, if you haven’t done so already.

Step 2: Team Resource Survey

Complete the Team Resource Survey online.

Step 3: Driver's Form

If you are able to serve as a driver for carpooling to competitions, print and fill out the Driver’s Form. Also make a photocopy of your driver’s license and attach it to the form.  Put it in the lockbox in the Forsythe Shop.  This needs to be done every year.

Step 4: Assist Student Registration

Assist your student in completing the student registration steps.  If this is you and your student’s first year on Team 3322 you will need to register with FIRST (or log in if you are already have an account) to grant them permission to join the team.

Additional Steps for Mentors

Step 5: New Mentors

If you haven’t already, contact mentors John Duquette ( or Bob McGinnis ( to let them know you’re interested in becoming a mentor. They will invite you to the SLACK communication channel, the Google Team Drive, and to register with FIRST.

Step 6: First Registration

New mentors should be receiving an email invitation to register with FIRST, our national organization.  Returning mentors need to log in to FIRST and update their consent and release form.

Step 7: Volunteer Certification (All Mentors)

Print and fill out the Volunteer Certification Form. Put it in the lockbox in the Forsythe Shop.  This needs to be done every year.