Week 2 of the Skyline Build season begins!

Pneumatic testing of robot controls has started! Additionally, cad design of the upper chassie has also begun!

Skyline Robot in 3 Days: Day 1

Thanks to our friends from Elderwood Academy for working with us on Ri3D for FIRST POWER UP!

Shuffleboard for NetworkTables

I am quite ecstatic to use the new shuffleboard we’ve been promised for the 2018 season, and here’s why.


Yesterday was our annual end of school year banquet.  The varsity members got their letters, while JV got their numbers. Last Friday, we helped out at the Hands-On Museum; it was a lot of fun.

New Captains

Last week we elected our new captains.  Camber H., Miles A., and returning captain Jacob S., are the new captains for the 2016-2017 school year/build season.

Post Skyline

We came in second.  Special thanks to the toasters for picking us as their third member.  #BlueAlliance

Pre Skyline Competition

The team was just finished Southfield where we did fairly well. Unfortunately, our shooter malfunctioned and didn’t work but we fixed the issue. We are now working hard to prepare for out turn at hosting a competition at Skyline. Since the competition is during Spring Break, we’ll have the whole school. This means YOU must…
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Pre Southfield, our FIRST shot at Stronghold

The robot is done! Well…. almost. It’s time for Southfield and we have used four out of our six hours on it so far. The robot is a fine piece of machinery that probably won’t catch on fire. This year we didn’t get a gyro, so (hopefully) the robot won’t spin out of control. On…
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Post-Howell Update

Our team just got back from the Howell District Competition on the February 26-28, and are looking forward to our next competition at Woodhaven. We did great: we were picked by the third alliance and made it to the semi-finals! Also,  we won the Engineering Inspiration Award for our innovative team organization, student training, and outreach programs. This…
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Cumulative Progress Report

Our competition is in 2 weeks! We are nearly ready. Drivetrain is completely done. Above Chassis is working on the lift, has started on a non-essential aligner system, and our surprise has been mounted and is undergoing further construction. Electrical has been assembling the electronics for the robot. Programming has been working on tetting the…
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