That way you'll never be stuck on whether to use hace or hay. This verb is for the most part used to talk about states or situations, e.g. Can you talk about the weather in Spanish?In this free audio lesson you’ll learn tons of Spanish words - from sunshine to snow and everything in between. Here are 70+ of the most important Spanish weather words and phrases.

Spanish Language Tutorial includes a complete vocabulary and grammar review of the Spanish language (much more than what is available online), transcripts of authentic Spanish videos, and Spanish realia photos.

Simple Spanish phrases on weather. Click on each tab to see phrases, verbs, nouns and adjectives related to the weather in Spanish and some advice about writing phrases related to this topic. Weather adjectives. This lesson teaches the future tense in Spanish. ¿còmo està el tiempo? Mobile app Our award-winning English phrase guide app for Android devices contains over 6000 useful phrases and words with sound. They are utilized with the verb "estar" (to be), e.g. Here are some Spanish phrases you can use when talking about the weather. “Estoy feliz” (I am happy).It is often part of common weather expressions in Spanish… Weather words and weather-related expressions in Spanish with English equivalents. Learn some of the common weather expressions and idioms in Spanish, then practice what you've learned with our free test and oral exercise. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. what's the weather like? Sound is available for all the English phrases on this page — simply click on any phrase to hear it. In this chapter, you'll find short video lessons that help you review Spanish vocabulary and phrases related to weather and seasons. How to talk about the weather in Spanish Buy Spanish Language Tutorial as a PDF e-book! In this post, we’ll cover the most important weather-related vocabulary, verbs and phrases that you should know. what's the weather like?

Going through the whole page should take about 30 min. This free audio lesson is all about Spanish weather phrases.

Fragen über das Wetter auf Spanisch. Whether you want to know what to pack for your next holiday destination or you are just looking to make some small talk, here are some words and expressions that are sure to come in handy.. Talking about the weather in Spanish with the verb ESTAR. ESTAR is a very useful irregular verb in the language. Here are some Spanish phrases you can use when talking about the weather.

Spanish; Phrases; The weather.

This verb is for the most part used to talk about states or situations, e.g. : Está brumoso (It's foggy) Está lluvioso (It's rainy) Du siehst – auch falls Du einen Wetterbericht oder eine Wettervorhersage auf Spanisch schreiben möchtest, wirst Du in unserem Beitrag fündig werden. If you find yourself with nothing left to say to your new Spanish-speaking friends, you can always talk about the weather.


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