The flat, 2-inch long, aromatic needles are grayish green or bluish, with two whitish or pale lines on the underside. Sometimes I think of a list I wished I had included in my book Master Lists for Writers, so I put it here!. Abies concolor Figure 1. 1). The cones are 2-5 inches long colored an olive green to purple color.

Lindl. Native to western the United States, the White fir is often planted in Canada due to its attractiveness, drought tolerance, quick growth rate and hardiness.

It has a pyramidal shape and horizontal branching with the lower branches drooping toward the ground.

It is sometimes used in furniture polish and can also be used as a masculine scent with a little extra edge! The white fir is commonly found with other conifers, including ponderosa pine, Jeffrey pine, sugar pine, and incense-cedar. It has a pyramidal shape and horizontal branching with the lower branches drooping toward the ground. Introduction. One of the best firs for the east, white fir reaches a mature height of 75 feet or more but is often much smaller in the landscape, 40 to 50 feet. This is a list of color names as well as color descriptions that relate to specific objects. White Fir Abies concolor Description & Overview White Fir is an outstanding handsome, large evergreen with distinctive soft, blue-green needles. White Fir Abies concolor Long ago, naturalist Donald Peattie recognized the beauty and adaptability of the white fir and accurately predicted that its future “lies in its value as an ornamental.” Its shape, color, and ability to thrive on harsh sites has made the tree a favorite for urban landscaping. 3 years ago.

Massage it topically to the affected area to help increase circulation. There are about 56 species of fir in the world. I’ve tried to list the more familiar or clichéd descriptions first and then the fresher descriptions, though I haven’t tried to get it in perfect cliché-to-fresh order. They are silvery blue to silvery green, curve up from the stem and are soft to the touch. Hildebr. and Glend.) Western firs are the Pacific silver fir, California red fir, Noble fir, grand fir, and white fir. The best fir for the Midwest, as long as it’s planted in well-drained soil. Core Characteristics Wisconsin Native: No […] ex Hildebr., White fir is a large forest tree from 60 to 200 feet in height that can live up to 300 years or more.

Interesting facts about fir trees. Other descriptive names of this fir include giant fir, western white fir, and great silver fir.

Personal Favorite Use: I love using White Fir for circulation issues. white fir White fir (Abies concolor), native to North America.

Edward F. Gilman and Dennis G. Watson 2. The white fir is a hardy and ornamental North American native evergreen. Dave Powell,—USDA Forest Service/ Of the two fir species that occur in the eastern United States and Canada, the best known is the balsam fir ( A. balsamea ), which is a popular ornamental and Christmas tree .

Description of white fir tree: The white fir grows symmetrically up to 40 feet or more in height in cultivation and sports airy, ascending branches. Its attractive, blue-green needles curve outward and upward on branches and, when crushed, emit a lemon scent.

Other notes. Abies concolor (Gord. Abies grandis (grand fir, giant fir, lowland white fir, great silver fir, western white fir, Vancouver fir, or Oregon fir) is a fir native to the Pacific Northwest and Northern California of North America, occurring at altitudes of sea level to 1,800 m.It is a major constituent of the Grand Fir/Douglas Fir Ecoregion of the Cascade Range.. They grow upright in the top of the tree.

The grand fir tree has soft needle leaves that are dark green and glossy. White fir (Abies concolor) ... Mountain regions. Fraser fir is rare in its natural Appalachian range but extensively planted and grown for Christmas trees. The balsam fir is North America's northern-most fir, with an extensive range in Canada, and primarily grows in the northeastern United States. Abies concolor: White Fir 1. The White Fir is 60-100 feet tall and can live up to 300 years making it a very large forest tree. & Glend.) In contrast to other white fir varieties, the California white fir is more spire-like and narrow at the crown and has a darker, greener foliage (though it appears grayish and frosted when viewed from below.) This fir tree lives up to its common name of grand fir because it is one of the tallest in the Abies genus.


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