Wintermelon pork ribs barley soup in slow cooker ( Serves 4.

Believe it or not, the aroma of the seaweed always reminds me of the great summer time with my family, when my mom made this soup quite often.

In a soup pot, add the Job’s tears, pork ribs, scallion white, ginger, wine, winter melon peel, and water.
Blanch pork ribs for 5 minutes, strain and set aside. ... Add ice cubes to the soup, and then skim off and discard the congealed fat and leftover ice cubes. 4. Here is quick pork meatball soup recipe that I made with winter melon (bi dao). In a soup pot, add the Job’s tears, pork ribs, scallion white, ginger, wine, winter melon peel, and water. 5. Blanched the pork ribs in boiling water for about 30 seconds, rinse and set aside. In China, winter melon is used in a variety of recipes, but one of the best and most popular is a soup that just happens to be very locarbolicious! Add 1 coarse chopped green onion, a few slices of ginger to the pot, boil, turn heat to medium low, cover the pot, let it simmer for 1 hour. Directions to make Winter Melon Soup with Pork. Cook, covered, until the pork ribs are tender and the grains are plump, about 45 minutes. Pour 1½ litres of hot water in a wok. Remove impurities that rise to … Believe it or not, the aroma of the seaweed always reminds me of the great summer time with my family, when my mom made this soup quite often. 4. In a pot, boil together blanched pork ribs, water, winter melon, squid/cuttlefish (if using), and red dates. Remove impurities that rise to … Keep boiling the soup on low heat for about 45 minutes or so or until the soup is full of the sweet flavor of all the ingredients. Pour about 1.5 litres water into a stock pot. Add the pork ribs to the boiling water, remove any foams. Simmer for another 15 minutes. The recipe details are below, but generally the soup consists just of winter melon and pork spare ribs. Add in the chunks of winter melon. Add soy sauce, salt and rice wine to taste. pressure cooker winter melon pork ribs soup is perfect for busy days Other than having to cut the winter melon, which really isn’t hard compare to having to cut up pumpkin or other gourd that has thick skin, preparing this soup is really easy and you can set and forget pretty much. Bring to a boil, and reduce to a gentle simmer. Clean 1 lb winter melon, remove skin and seeds, cut into 1/4 inch thick 2 inch wide squares. Chinese winter melon soup. Pork rib soup in a carved winter melon. 7. Cut 1lb pork rib into individual pieces,. Blanch spare ribs in boiling water for 2 minutes, drain and set aside. Continue to boil on medium heat for 15-20 minutes before lowering the heat to low. Add salt to taste.


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