Ann Arbor, MI 48103, USA

Noodles & Co. Fundraiser

The Noodles & Company fundraiser is here! On Thursday, February 25th from 4:00pm-8:00pm, orders must be placed online on the Noodles & Co. website or through the Noodles & Co. app. Food pickup will be available via curbside pickup (at the participating location), quick pickup, or delivery where available.

Log in to the Noodles & Co. website/app and use the code GIVING25 at checkout and 25% of qualifying sales is given directly to Skyline Robotics!

The available location for curbside pickup is as follows:

Ann Arbor – West Stadium
2245 W. Stadium blvd
Ann Arbor, MI 48103


Promotional fliers and video are available below!

Find the video on YouTube here!