2010 – Seizure

Design Process

The team’s approach at playing Breakaway was very simple, to create a very simple robot that could score soccer balls, cross the bump, and play defense. The end results were nothing short of expectations. Seizure was a unique robot in the sense that it not only played soccer, but also resembled what it was, a goalie. The primary function that Seizure played during a match was blocking offensive robots. For that reason, Seizure was designed to traverse between the two opposing alliance goals at a very high speed.



Before the season began, students and mentors met to try and come up with a name for the team and robot. The original plan was to come up with both names at once to create a theme for the team. After the team name of Eagle Imperium was decided upon, a student noted out a very famous Roman figure, Julius Ceasar. Sticking with the roman theme, the team twisted “Ceasar” into Seizure, an allusion to the idea that the robot was to shake during a match. The team accomplished the shaking of the robot by installing a rotating kicker that create such a high force that the robot vibrated as it ran.

Through the competition season, the robot took a primarily defensive role, similar to that of a goalie in soccer. The robot donned a net, and as our team competed, many teams began to nickname our robot the “Net-bot.” Before a match, simply mentioning “Net-bot” to alliance member drivers would instantly remind them about which robot we were helping the alliance come up with a strategy for the upcoming match. As a result, members of the team will commonly refer to Seizure as the Net-bot. Yet Net-bot will always remain as an alias to the official name that the team gave to our 2010 robot.


Robot Specifications

Drive Train

  • 4 CIM Motors
  • 2 Toughboxes
  • 2 8″ Nylon Wheels
  • 2 8″ Plaction Wheels


  • 1 CIM Motor
  • DeWalt Custom Planetary Drill Gearbox
  • Design based off of Team 573’s Kicker

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Originally had a kicker that could kick the ball a full field length, but was removed because an upgraded kicker was created after Ann Arbor Districts.
  • Named before the build season started, back in December.
  • Originally had an arm, but was unreliable and uncompleted.
  • Originally planned to be covered in Lexan, but due to weight constraints, net was used in place of the Lexan.