2013 – Discobolus

Design Process

Discobolus was designed with several ideas in mind to adapt it to the game, Ultimate Ascent.  The drive train was designed to turn on its center, making it more maneuverable and allowing it to quickly and easily move around the field, which had several obstacles on it.  The shooting mechanism was based on the previous year’s S-type shooter, which was very successful.  Since this was difficult to fit on the robot, we made it swing out at the beginning of the match.



Discobolus was named after a famous Classical Greek statue of the same name.  The statue shows an athlete preparing to throw a discus, which was appropriate to the game.  Also, it fits in with our team’s theme of the ancient world.


Robot Specifications

Drive Train

  • 8 wheel dropped center tank drive
  • 6 inch direct drive wheel with 4 inch wheels all with roughtop tread
  • 4 CIMS on Vexpro Ball Shifters
  • 14 ft/sec in high gear


  • 1 CIM direct drive on a 8 inch rubber wheel
  • Top shooting speed at 70 mph
  • AM-9012 motor for feeding frisbee at speed


  • 2 pneumatic cylinders pull a lever arm for 10 point climb