2014 – Rohrbot

Design Process

Rohrbot was designed as a versatile robot that is good at gathering balls and can shoot reliably, with a solid drive train backing up these features.  Many of the essential decisions in the Rohrbot’s design were based on previous years.  For example, we used a tank drive train based on previous successes with it, and our gatherer is based on the one on Elset in 2012.  We also had to make decisions about what elements of this year’s game, Aerial Assist, we would focus on.  In the end, we decided to prioritize the gatherer, because you can gather without being able to shoot but you can’t shoot without gathering.   However, we also designed a catapult mechanism that can reliably shoot in the 10-point goal. This year, the team tried to focus on making a CAD model of every piece before building it.  This meant we didn’t have to redo as much work, and allowed us to understand how our robot would look and work before it was built.



After the build season was over, the team considered several names for the finished robot.  The team overwhelmingly supported Rohrbot, which is named after Matt Rohr Daniel, the team’s former lead engineering mentor.   Matt was a  great mentor, contributing a lot to our engineering efforts as well as having a great sense of humor and being friendly to everyone.  Last year, Matt got a job in California, where he is currently working with medical robots. Now, in honor of of Matt’s hard work with the team, we are naming our latest robot after him, in the same way we named Elset in 2012.


Robot Specifications


  • 6 CIM Motors
  • 2 Super Shifter
  • 8 wheel dropped center tank drive
  • 6 inch direct drive wheel with 4 inch wheels all with roughtop tread
  • 17 ft/sec in high gear


  • Winch mechanism using van door motor and Super Shifter
  • Steel arm to hold the ball
  • Black latex surgical tubing to store energy


  • Held up by water-jet cut towers
  • Two Bane Bot motors to control arm movemnet
  • Two Bane Bot motors to spin roller
  • Orange plastic strips to roll ball