Our Scouting

The purpose of scouting is to know the other robot’s capabilities so that if we are choosing other teams to be in our alliance, we know which teams’ robots we prefer.

During the 2011 game season, we tried to make an internet based app for scouting.  However, due to lack of connectivity and reliability, this system wasn’t very effective.

In 2013 we created a paper system. We made a sheet where all the information that we gathered about each robot was recorded.  A pre-scouting system was used before the competition started so we could easily choose which robots that we would prefer on our team when choosing team for alliance. Created a list of the teams we would compete with at our competitions and their previous years OPRs'(expected amount of points a team will score in a match).  Seeing the teams’ last years OPR can show us an estimate of how many point that team will score this year.  This helped us choose what teams to focus more on in our pre-scouting.

Our scouting sheet consisted of lots of characteristics of the robot such as its height, the number of motors and the abilities of the robot.  Each robot at our competition got its own sheet which we could evaluate them with.  Each match at each competition, we had one student watching and recording how many points in scored in autonomous, how points the robots scored in teleop, if they could climb, and what role it played on the field. The sheet had a rough map of the field were students drew a box, representing the robot, showing where it moved in autonomous.  We used this so when choosing, we could select a robot who didn’t use the same position as us in autonomous.

Scouting Resources

Here’s the spreadsheet that we used in 2013.

The Blue Alliance has lots of data about matches and competitions

If you would like to view the source code and the system used in 2011, please download it below. Be aware that it was some sloppy code written very quickly simply to have a system which worked right off the bat. It doesn’t conform to HTML specifications, and the code can be hard to follow. Please excuse the hastiness.