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Eagle Evolution is open to all students from Skyline High School who are interested! No experience or knowledge of robotics is necessary, we all learn and problem solve together. And remember: robotics isn't just for nerds! If you are interested in joining our team, please fill out our registration form below to have all the information you need, or email [email protected] if you have questions
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Team 3322 welcomes mentors of all backgrounds, including business, management, engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and programming, and many more! If you are interested in being a mentor for our team, please email [email protected]
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January: FRC build season begins with kickoff, where the new game for the year is revealed.

January-March (build season): Meetings are at Forsythe Middle Schools machine shop Monday-Thursday 6pm-9pm, and Saturdays 9am-5pm. However, meeting times per person will depend on the work needed per week, per subteam (see ‘Our Subteams’), depending on the progress of the robot. 

March-April (competition season): Each season, we compete in two District Competitions, typically one at the beginning of March and one at the end. Then, dependent on how we place in those competitions, we may qualify for the Michigan State Championship, which is typically at Saginaw Valley University at the beginning of April. After that, depending on our ranking out of the entire state, we may qualify for the World Championship in Houston.

May-August (off season): When we aren’t rushing to build a robot or at competitions, we are participating in outreach events for the community, recruiting for our team, captains elections, doing off season projects (such as calibrating a swerve drive or rebranding), and preparing for the next season. This is where our team experiences the most growth and helping our community.

September-December (training season): As soon as school starts at the end of August, we begin modules at our shop, which are hands-on training sessions run by subteam leaders and mentors (see leaders and mentors page) that teach new and incoming students how to properly handle tools, train them for tasks they will have to complete during build season, and learning to solve possible problems they may encounter. We also attend off-season competitions such as Kettering and Bloomfield Girls Competition. During training season, we are also preparing for the off-season competition that we started in 2018 called WAPUR (Washtenaw Area Pickup Robotics). The Ann Arbor District Library designs a game (Similar to FRC games) that teams have to design a robot around. The purpose of this is to apply the skills members have learned during modules to a real life robot.