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Running a FIRST Robotics Competition Team for 60 Students can be expensive!

Team 3322 can always use the help of another sponsor. Not only are we a non-profit, you are helping a group of high school students learn the fundamentals of engineering, programming, business structure, responsibility, and gracious professionalism. Plus, you will be listed with our sponsors on our robot, on our website, and on the backs of our t-shirts. Get the word out about your business and help us.

Your sponsorship will help us buy parts and equipment, pay for travel expenses, and upgrade and replace electronics.

Want to become a team sponsor? Just email us at to get started!

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Want to support Skyline Robotics? You can help us travel, build, learn and succeed!

You can mail your donation to:

Skyline Robotics
Skyline High School
2552 N. Maple Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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In-Kind Appreciation

SPONSOR’S logo will be included on our team t-shirt, two of which are provided for each of 60 student members. In addition SPONSOR will also be featured on the team’s website.