Sponsor Team 3322!

Eagle Evolution works year-round on fundraising and sponsors to ensure we can purchase robot parts, feed the team on long workdays, and register and travel to competitions and outreach events. 

 Main season: $28,000 (including event registration, shop supplies, branding, and food for the team)

If State qualification: $12,000 (including event registration, lodging, and food)

If World Championship qualification: $58,000 (including event registration, lodging, transportation, and food)

Due to all of these expenses, we depend on our sponsors to keep our team evolving year round, being able to attend competitions, and continuing our impact to our community through STEM and FIRST. We greatly appreciate your interest in sponsorship, and hope you will continue to partner with Team 3322. See the benefits you receive as a sponsor down below!

Sponsor Info

Steps to Sponsor

 1. Email your contact information and company logo to [email protected]

2. Choose your Sponsorship Level based on the table below.

Donations are tax deductible with the 501c3 id 26-2899717.

3. Make your sponsorship payment by check (sent through mail) or with PayPal/credit card

4. Enjoy your sponsor benefits (and we hope you sponsor us next season)!

You can learn about the impact of FIRST Robotics at www.firstinspires.org/ and how it affects our team under our About Us page.

If you have questions or need more information, email us at: [email protected]

Payment by Check

Mail a check to Skyline Robotics, 2552 N. Maple, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Check should be made out to Skyline Robotics

Payment by PayPal/Credit Card

Pay with Credit Card/Paypal on the Skyline Robotics PayPal. Under ‘Use these donations for’ click ‘Other’.

Our Sponsor Levels