Our Team

Eagle Imperium is Ann Arbor Skyline High School’s own FIRST Robotics team. Since 2009, we’ve competed in the FIRST Robotics program for robotics competition. Our team is comprised of about 50 high school students, mostly from Skyline, however we also have students from other schools in the Ann Arbor area. We also have many generous mentors from around the community who have helped us to succeed. We are a non-profit group sponsored by several generous businesses and corporations.

A picture of our 2012 season team.

FIRST Team 3322 was founded in 2009 by David Coupland, a Physics teacher at Skyline and our head coach. The 2010 game, Breakaway, was our rookie year. We won the Rookie All-Star Award at the Ann Arbor competition and at the Troy competition as well as the highest rookie seed! We also made it to the Michigan State Competition and competed with the top teams across the state. In 2011, Logomotion, we won the Imagery Award at the Skyline competition and traveled to St. Louis for FIRST Championships! We also gained many members and mentors. In 2012 , Rebound Rumble, we won awards for imagery and for our website, and went to the Michigan State Championships and the FIRST World Championships.  In 2013, Ultimate Ascent, we were a quarter-finalist at both competitions and won an Imagery Award. In 2014, we won a Judges award, an Imagery award, and we made it to the Michigan State Championships. We are currently in the 2015 season working on this year’s game, Recycle Rush.

To read more about our team’s history, click here.

We’re always looking for new members, mentors, and sponsors. If you’re interested, you can join us for next season. We have many photos and videos of our team both building and hanging around if you want. If you’d like to buy team merchandise or even FIRST LED lightbulbs, you can visit our online shop too!